Origin Of The Money Tree

Gift Wrapped Money Tree

The Money Tree is believed to attract Luck, Wealth & Abundance to its owner.

Legend has it that a poverty struck Taiwanese farmer found a small Pachira plant (Money Tree) growing in his field one day, shortly after praying for answers to guide him through his misfortune. He was amazed by its unique beauty and decided to take it home with him, believing it was an omen from a higher power.

Word soon spread of this mysterious plant, everyone in his village and surrounding towns wanted their own Money Tree. The famer soon made his fortune growing and selling these fascinating plants; his prayers had been answered.

Feng Shui

The Money Tree is one of the most sought-after indoor plants by those who appreciate the teachings of Feng Shui. 

The five leaves connecting to each stem are said to symbolize the five elements in Feng Shui; Earth, Water, Metal, Wood & Fire. This makes this plant the embodiment of harmony and balance of these five elements; creating a positive energy within living & working spaces.

The unique braided trunk of The Money Tree is said to capture good fortune within its folds.

Crystal Choices


Known for their distinctive beauty and believed to contain specific healing energies. This makes crystals the perfect companion to harmonise with the powerful lucky energy of The Money Tree. The crystal that has been carefully selected for you is accompanied by a description card. The healing properties of this precious stone will radiate in partnership with the energetic signature of The Money Tree, emphasising these healing qualities and will amplify all life around you. The plant will cleanse your crystal; the crystal will bless your plant.

A blend of miniature crystal chips have been added to every Money Tree pot, enriching and nourishing its roots with a beautiful, loving energy.